Show Me the Lucky-Boss!
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Show Me the Lucky-Boss!

Alternative Titles Show Me the Lucky-Boss!, 請叫我嘻哈大佬, 쇼미더럭키짱!

Synopsis Show Me the Lucky-Boss!

Kang Geonma, a man who made Busan kneel down on him at the mere age of 18 years old. Something appeared that made his dry heart completely on fire, that is ‘Hip-hop’! How to make Seoul united in order to become a rapper! The man Kang Geonma! Today, he is beating people again to become a rapper! For your reference, both of the authors don’t know a thing about what is rapping exactly is!

Released 2021
Author Park Tae-joon
Artist Kim Seong-mo [Add, ]
Serialization Naver SeriesNaver Webtoon
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